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Major works still needed to fix signal chaos

Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan has admitted in Parliament that despite spending more than $500 million on the rail revitalisation program, major works are still required to ensure South Australia has a safe and reliable train system.

Yesterday in Parliament, Minister Mullighan said that $12 million would be spent:


“…to address ongoing signalling issues across the rail network.” (Hansard, 01/07/15)


However, Minister Mullighan went on to admit that this funding would be spent over two years and could not say when delays would end for train commuters.


"Minister Mullighan’s admission that more money needs to be spent on Adelaide’s train network is simply unbelievable, given that the Government has already spent more than $500 million,” said Shadow Minister for Transport Corey Wingard.


“There have been at least 12 signal failures in the past two months on Adelaide’s train network.


“Hundreds of millions of South Australian taxpayer dollars have been spent on upgrading our train lines, but signalling has apparently been ignored.


“South Australians want a reliable and safe public transport system but the Weatherill Labor Government is failing to deliver this.


"Minister Mullighan needs to guarantee that spending $12 million will fix these signalling issues for train commuters once and for all.


“If the $12 million won’t fix these problems, then Minister Mullighan needs to reveal how much more money will be required.”