Marshall Government to establish two hospitals to manage the impact of coronavirus

19 Mar 2020
Marshall Government to establish two hospitals to manage the impact of coronavirus

The Marshall Liberal Government is acting decisively to prepare for the impact of the coronavirus by establishing two dedicated facilities at ECH College Grove and Wakefield hospitals.

Premier Steven Marshall said the recently decommissioned hospitals will provide an additional 188 beds to manage the anticipated increase in the number of South Australians needing hospitalisation as a result of the coronavirus.

“The State Liberal Government has a strong plan to minimise the impact of the coronavirus on the health of South Australians,” Premier Marshall said.

“We have been on the front foot from the start of the outbreak dealing with the threat coronavirus poses to the health of South Australians. The addition of 188 dedicated beds is part of a comprehensive plan to ensure South Australians receive the care they need.”

ECH College Grove and Wakefield Hospitals form part of South Australia’s comprehensive plan to respond to the plan for COVID-19 treatment facilities, allowing for the establishment of dedicated COVID-19 facilities at Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH), Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) and Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH).

“Wakefield Hospital will be dedicated to caring for mildly acute COVID-19 patients in a 130-bed facility.

“Both hospitals will assist in providing a greater level of protection for the wider community by minimising the incidence of the transmission of coronavirus.”

Minister for Health and Wellbeing Stephen Wade said the dedicated facilities formed part of the Marshall Government’s strong plan to prepare and protect South Australians from the impacts of the virus.

“We are currently planning for the RAH to treat adult COVID-19 patients, FMC to care for high risk pregnant women, and WCH will treat paediatric patients,” Minister Wade said. 

“We will continue to engage with the private sector and all elements of the health sector to make sure South Australians impacted by the virus can receive the care they need in the most appropriate surroundings.

“We thank the new owners of the properties for their willingness to make the facilities available.  We are all in this together.

“ECH College Grove and Wakefield hospitals were in use up until just a few months ago.  The facilities are suitable for patients and no structural works are required.

ECH College Grove and Calvary Wakefield Hospital are expected to be operational by April 2020.

“All South Australians can take simple steps like good hand hygiene and social distancing to minimise the local impact of the virus.”