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Marshall issues severe Weatherill warning for Leaders’ Retreat

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has issued a warning to Australia’s political leaders ahead of a ‘Leaders’ Retreat’ starting today in Sydney.

“The political leaders participating in the Leaders’ Retreat for the next couple of days should treat everything Premier Weatherill says with extreme caution,” said Mr Marshall.


“Mr Weatherill has a track record of saying one thing and doing another.”


Just two weeks ago Mr Weatherill told the National Press Club that he wanted to work co-operatively with Canberra.


Days later he attacked the Federal Coalition Government from Adelaide.


The day before the 2014 State Election Mr Weatherill told South Australians he would oppose any move to increase the GST.


Yesterday he told South Australians he was open to increasing the GST from 10 to 15 per cent without cutting other taxes.


“My message to everyone at the Leaders’ Retreat is that they should treat Jay Weatherill with extreme caution.


“Mr Weatherill has a habit of changing his promises for different audiences.”