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Minister Piccolo must front CFS volunteers

Minister for Emergency Services Tony Piccolo needs to front angry CFS volunteers who will protest on the steps of Parliament House today and explain why he is attacking their agency.

“Emergency Services volunteers have been politely warning Minister Piccolo for months that his plans to restructure the CFS, SES and MFS is a recipe for disaster,” said Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Duncan McFetridge.


“Minister Piccolo has totally ignored those repeated warnings and the CFS will now descend on Parliament House to ensure all South Australians understand just how foolish the Minister’s plans are.”


The Country Fire Services Volunteers Association has made it quite plain that it is vehemently opposed to Minister Piccolo’s foolish plan:


The CFSVA views the Weatherill Government’s actions as an assault on the CFS and its 13,500 professional fire and rescue volunteers who regularly risk their lives to keep our state safe.


The CFSVA does not accept the Minister’s actions and flawed process and will vehemently oppose any attempts by the Weatherill Government to bring about this unsupported sector reform. (CFSVA : Media Release 24th January 2015)


“It’s hard to imagine a more poorly handled consultation process but the Minister’s recent backflip on providing adequate cancer compensation for CFS volunteers should give Emergency Services volunteers hope of prevailing,” Mr McFetridge said.


“Minister Piccolo needs to immediately suspend the recruitment of a single Commissioner for Emergency Services and resume genuine negotiations with the CFSVA.


“Minister Piccolo needs to understand that the Chief Officers of the CFS, SES and MFS won’t be the only ones facing the sack if this process fails.”