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Missed opportunity not a ‘jobs budget’

The State Budget confirms the Weatherill Labor Government will deliver a miserable 1 per cent rate of job creation, the lowest in the nation and half the rate of Victoria.

The Weatherill Government has abandoned South Australians looking for work with a State Budget that massively increases taxes at the very moment the local economy is crying out for a significant cash stimulus.

With the price of electricity and gas about to skyrocket the last thing job seekers can afford is even more money being pulled out of the local economy, which in turn will cripple job creation in SA.

“This isn’t a jobs budget, it’s a missed opportunity of massive proportions,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Jay Weatheril has learnt nothing from the devastating impact his $360 million ESL tax hike had on job creation in South Australia after it was introduced in 2014.

“Jay Weatherill’s massive ESL tax grab saw jobs disappear at such an alarming rate that South Australia has had the highest rate of unemployment in Australia for the past 30 months.

“The fact Holden is about to close its doors costing thousands of jobs in the northern suburbs makes this $400 million tax grab all the more foolish.

“The Weatherill Government’s punishing tax regime is draining the South Australian economy of desperately needed investment at the very moment it needs it most. The Weatherill Government is addicted to taxation.

“The Liberal policy on taxation is strong and sensible – no new taxes and substantial tax relief for households and businesses.

“The State Liberals are committed to cutting ESL bills and returning $360 million to South Australian households and businesses.

“That’s money that can be spent in the local economy, driving investment and jobs growth across the state.

“Today’s budget confirms the only chance of ever seeing reduced ESL bills will be with a State Liberal Government.