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More delays for new city high school?

The State Liberals are demanding that the Weatherill Government come clean about why construction of new Adelaide City high school has not commenced, a year after building work was promised to begin.

On 9 June 2015, Premier Weatherill, Planning Minister John Rau and Education Minister Susan close issued a press release stating:

“Work will begin immediately to plan and prepare for the delivery of the new school, with building work expected to commence within the next 12 months.”

Despite $5.25 million being allocated to be spent on the site last year in the 2015-16 Budget, construction has not begun on the site more than a year later and only $1.5 million was spent.

“Education Minister Susan Close needs to explain when construction will begin on the new Adelaide City High School and reassure parents in this area that the school will still open in 2019,” said Shadow Education Minister John Gardner

“Minister Close must also explain why construction hasn’t started yet, and what the Government has actually been spending their money on so far.

“Let’s not forget that the State Liberals were advocating for this school to be built before the 2010 election. The Adelaide High School Governing Council made submissions to Government in 2008 arguing that enrolments were at crisis point even then.”

But Labor Education Ministers, including Jay Weatherill, said that it wasn’t necessary.

“If Jay Weatherill and the other Labor Ministers had listened to parents, and listened to the Liberal Party in 2008, this school would be open already,” said Mr Gardner.

“Many parents are making significant decisions about where they choose to live based on their child’s schooling opportunities.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has a history of delivering projects late and over budget. We have an example of that just down the road with the nRAH, which still isn’t open.

“I sincerely hope that the new Adelaide High School Campus isn’t going to become the new nRAH.”