Norwood Police Station Extended Opening Hours

22 Jan 2019
Norwood Police Station Extended Opening Hours

In November 2018 we fulfilled our promise to extend the opening hours at the Norwood police station.

In the lead up to the March 2018 State Election, the local community made it clear that it did not support the previous government’s cuts to the Norwood Police Station’s operating hours.

I heard the concerns of my electorate and committed that if the Marshall Liberal Team formed government on March 17, we would work towards reinstating the previous hours.

The Marshall Liberal Government believes community safety is paramount. Our emergency services must be focussed on effectively protecting South Australians from harm and crime. We acknowledge that crime does not only occur during business hours, and neither should your access to the critical services offered by the Norwood Police Station.  

This decision has seen the Norwood Police Station’s opening hours return to 8am – 9pm, every day of the week, providing the community with better access to these critical police resources.

Delivering this important initiative is about enhancing community safety and improving the community’s access to police locally.

Our community deserves a strong police presence which includes a physical shop front which is open beyond daytime hours.