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NRAH inadequacies exposed again

The Weatherill Government’s report into SA Pathology has exposed yet another planning blunder by the State Government regarding the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The Flett Report finds that only 80 per cent of pathology services currently delivered at Frome Road will be transferred to the nRAH. There is no long-term plan for the remaining 20 per cent and pathology tests will now be spread across three sites.

The report states:

This dislocated pathology service lays the framework for errors, lost specimens and delays in reporting.

“Once again we find out that the Royal Adelaide Hospital will not even be able to deliver the current level of medical services at the new site,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“Once again patient safety is being placed at risk because of the failure of the Labor Government to properly plan for the new hospital.

“The Weatherill Government’s report also highlights that the structure of SA Pathology was flawed from the outset.

“When the Labor Government abolished the IMVS to establish SA Pathology then Health Minister John Hill stated:

“For the first time the buck stops with the Health Minister in the delivery of public health services in SA,’’ Health Minister John Hill said.

“Today Health Minister Jack Snelling is desperately trying to lay all the blame for the SA Pathology prostate cancer bungle at the feet of the former head of the organization Ken Barr,” Mr Wade said.

Yet the report states:

The current management structure of SA Pathology is unusual and dysfunctional and differs from the traditional contemporary management structure in place in pathology laboratories throughout Australia.

“The State Labor Government is responsible for the structure of SA Pathology and must accept responsibility for its dysfunctional performance.”