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Paediatric ENT failure at Lyell McEwin

The State Liberals are deeply concerned that the transfer of paediatric ear, nose and throat (ENT) services from Modbury Hospital to the Lyell McEwin Hospital has been badly bungled by the Health Minister Jack Snelling to the detriment of children awaiting treatment.

“SA Health forced the relocation of paediatric ENT services from Modbury Hospital to Lyell McEwin Hospital with the end result that children,” needing corrective surgery for ear, nose and throat conditions are being left untreated said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“At present there is just one surgeon providing paediatric ENT services at the Lyell McEwin Hospital whilst there are six surgeons and two registrars providing general ENT services at Modbury.

“The fact is the services are at Modbury whilst the patients are being sent to Lyell McEwin – it’s a case study in incompetence and children needing important surgery are the victims.

“South Australia has 32 ENT patients who are overdue on the waiting list and we’ve got nine out of 11 elective surgery waiting lists in Code Red.

“Health Minister Jack Snelling needs to get out of his ivory tower and meet with the ENT surgeons at the Modbury Hospital to understand exactly why the relocation of paediatric ENT services has failed.

(ABC 891 5/11/14)

… I’m not dealing with them personally but what we have done is sent a – we have written to the industrial bodies representing those doctors, saying this is what we are prepared to do, in able to address whatever concerns you might have about offering this service at the Lyell McEwin hospital.

“It is outrageous that Minister Snelling has failed to personally deal with his Department’s abject failure and has once again resorted to blaming doctors for bad decisions.

“Minister Snelling’s senior health bureaucrats were warned by senior clinicians that the decision to force the relocation of paediatric ENT services to Lyell McEwin would result in poorer levels of service.

“Likewise, the State Liberals warned the closure of the Modbury Hospital paediatric ward would be a cruel blow to families in the north eastern suburbs.”