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Parliament will maintain pensioner concessions

The State Liberals have reassured South Australia’s 160,000 pensioners that the South Australian Parliament will protect their entitlement to the $190 council rates concession.

“The State Liberals and the minor parties in the Upper House will block any attempt by Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis to cut pensioner’s entitlements to council rate concessions,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.


“The Treasurer should stop playing cruel games with South Australian pensioners and end the pretence he has the power to cut pensioner concessions by $190 a year.


“Mr Koutsantonis is causing great distress amongst many pensioners who are very concerned about how they will ‘make ends meet’ if they lose the concession.


“South Australian pensioners can be comforted by the fact that the Treasurer does not have the numbers in the Upper House to deliver on his threat to cut the pensioner concession.


“The $857 million GST windfall South Australia has received from the Federal Budget only serves to reinforce how cynical the Treasurer’s threat is.


“The State Government must also immediately cancel its expensive and politically motivated advertising campaign regarding the concessions.

“Maintaining concessions to pensioners will ensure approximately 160,000 pensioners remain entitled to up to $190 per annum in concessions, worth a total of $32 million a year.”