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Pathologically hopeless

The latest stuff-up by SA Pathology means that Health Minister Jack Snelling has no option but to establish a broad ranging judicial inquiry into the whole of SA Health.

“Once again the Department he leads has inflicted unnecessary worry and stress on patients as a result of a simple, avoidable and inexcusable error,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“This is just the latest in a series of profound failures of practice and policy by SA Health involving patients, clinicians and bureaucrats.

“Nothing short of a full judicial inquiry into the Department and its bungles such as the dual prostate cancer mistakes, the chemotherapy dosage scandal and the breach of patient records will restore public confidence.

“Each of these gross breaches of quality health care must be forensically examined to shine a light on how SA Health should be reformed to stop similar breaches in the future.

“The raft of problems engulfing SA Health indicate that the governance and culture of the organisation has broken down after three years of Minister Snelling’s stewardship.

“An independent judicial inquiry provides the best prospect of a fundamental shift in SA Health to put patients first.

“It is no longer credible for Minister Snelling to tell us he is angry about yet another failure of the Department for which he is responsible.

“Minister Snelling needs to address the root causes of the repeated failures of SA Health to deliver quality and accountable public health services.”