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Patient record scandal grows

Andrew Knox, one of the victims of SA Health’s chemotherapy dosing bungle, has joined the State Liberals in demanding the Weatherill Government initiate an independent judicial review into SA Health’s beleaguered patient record management.

“In my own case, I believe that the integrity of my patient record has not been maintained, in fact, I am concerned that critical records may have been destroyed,” said Mr Knox.

He said “revelations that there have been at least 21 breaches of patient record confidentiality in South Australian hospitals in the past year confirms the need for a judicial inquiry into the integrity of the patient record system.”

“Health Minister Jack Snelling needs to give up acting angry about the repeated failure of his patient record system and start taking decisive action to address the systemic problems that have come to light,” said Shadow Health Minister Stephen Wade.

“Minister Snelling’s refusal to detail the nature and extent of the audits that identified the 21 breaches of patient records means the South Australian public can have no confidence in Minister Snelling’s assertion that:

This is a very rare occurrence and the South Australian public should have confidence that this happens very rarely (Hansard: 24 February 2016)


“The Health Minister needs to face the fact that the culture and management of health after 14 years of Labor in South Australia is woefully inadequate.

“An independent judicial inquiry is essential if the Weatherill Government is going to begin to rebuild public trust in the integrity of our patient record system.

“A judicial inquiry will assess the manner in which the breaches occurred, the appropriate penalty for this who committed the breaches and the Weatherill Government’s response to those breaches.

“The people of South Australia deserve a patient record system that protects their personal information.”