Plastic-Free Precinct Pilot Program in Dunstan!

27 Aug 2019
Plastic-Free Precinct Pilot Program in Dunstan!

In January 2019, the Minister for Environment and Water, the Hon David Speirs MP released a discussion paper Turning the tide on single-use plastic products for six weeks of consultation.

This discussion paper sought community and business views on ways to reduce the environmental impacts of plastic items frequently littered, such as coffee cups, straws and plastic bags.

Acknowledging the strong appetite change in the community and the results from the broad consultation, the State Government plans to develop legislation that establishes a framework to phase-out single use plastic products and other single use items.

The phase-out will be piloted through voluntary business / retail led ‘Plastic Free Precincts’.

In August, the City of Norwood, Payneham and St Peters received notice from the Office of the Minister for Environment and Water, advising that The Parade Precinct was selected for inclusion in the pilot program.

The pilot program is voluntary and will be managed by Boomerang Alliance. They will provide on-the-ground support for participating businesses to make the transition away from single-use plastics towards recyclable, compostable or reusable alternatives.

What you can do to support the pilot and go plastic free

  • dine in instead of getting take away
  • bring your own reusable bag
  • say no to plastic bags (use a box, carry smaller amounts of items in your hands)
  • bring your own refillable water bottle
  • bring your own reusable straw
  • treat yourself to an ice cream cone instead of a container with a plastic spoon (or bring your own spoon)
  • bring your own container for take-away
  • bring your own coffee cup
  • bring your own fresh produce bags.

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