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Prison lockdown

With the South Australian prison system having been locked down the State Liberals want the Correctional Services Minister’s Peter Malinauskas to concentrate on solving the crisis in corrections rather than securing himself a safe seat in the Lower House.

“Minister Malinauskas has been all over the media promoting his tilt for the safe seat of Croydon and endorsing his favoured candidates for other seats whilst the prison system he is paid to run has descended into crisis,” said Shadow Minister for Correctional Services Stephan Knoll.

“I note Minister Malinauskas has managed to secure his pay when he jumps from the Upper House but hasn’t averted strike action in the prison system he is paid to run.

“It’s simply not good enough for Minister Malinauskas to be trying to run Police, Correctional Services, Emergency services and Road Safety as well as manipulating preselection battles within the Labor Party.

“Minister Malinauskas is the Parliament’s least experienced member yet rather than pouring all his efforts into his Ministerial duties he is immersed in factional power plays within the Labor Party.

“The State-wide lockdown came after Minister Malinauskas admitted in Parliament that South Australia had been using expensive surge capacity in the prison system since the 3rd of November 2011 – 1932 days ago.

“It is staggering that for almost 2000 days the Weatherill Government has been running the prison system over capacity putting staff and prisons at increased risk.

“Latest figures show the overcrowding of prisons is costing taxpayers an extra $51 million a year at a time when the Weatherill Government is cutting hospital services across Adelaide.

“South Australia’s prison population swelled to over 3,000 for the first time in the State’s history last year and has increased by 31 per cent during the past 3 years.