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Protecting Pensioners from Labor’s cuts

Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today announced that the State Liberals will move to block any regulation aimed at removing pensioner concession payments on local government rates.

With the support of just 3 cross-benchers in the Upper House, this would mean that the Labor Government’s attempt to change these regulations to implement their planned cut to the concessions would be successfully disallowed and thus the payment would stay in place.


“Labor have been playing politics with pensioners. Removing this concessional payment will be slugging some of the most vulnerable in our society with a cost of living increase they just can’t afford” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.


“They have tried to claim this is due to the federal budget, but no other state in the country has abolished this concession, despite all facing the same circumstances from Canberra.


“We are further committing that if Labor find some tricky way to implement this cut without allowing a vote in the parliament, we will immediately reinstate the pensioner concession payments in Government.


“This will ensure approximately 160,000 pensioners remain entitled to up to $190 per annum in concessions, worth a total of $32 million a year.


“We live in the highest taxed state in the nation. It is inexcusable to keep jacking up taxes and ripping away concession payments from pensioners, all because Labor are running a record budget deficit and can’t manage the state’s finances.


“Pensioners should never be used for political point-scoring. These payments are critical to their standard of living, and we will stop at nothing to protect them from Labor’s savage cuts to their entitlements,” Steven Marshall said.