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Public transport PR disaster

The Weatherill Government has again dudded public transport users by cutting bus, train and tram services in the lead up to Christmas.

“This foolish decision to cut public transport services in the lead up to Christmas simply reinforces the perception that Adelaide’s bus, trains and trams services are hopelessly unreliable,” said Shadow Minister for Transport Corey Wingard.

“After years of poor passenger numbers on our public transport network this decision sends all the wrong messages to the public.

“It says you can’t rely on public transport because the Weatherill Government doesn’t value your custom at all.

“It undermines the Weatherill Government’s advertising campaigns encouraging people to use public transport to save just $150,000.

“It highlights the inexperience of Minister Mullighan who has failed to grasp the basics of government and who has no respect for public transport users.

“The decision makes it more difficult for people reliant on public transport to do their Christmas shopping in a reasonable amount of time.

“This decision will drive more people away from public transport and back into their cars.

“The fact cutting these services will save just $150,000 also speaks of the wider budget failure of the Weatherill Government.

“The Weatherill Government is top heavy with 13 ministerial offices costing taxpayers $26 million every year yet it is cutting public transport services in the lead up to Christmas to save just $150,000.

“The Weatherill Government’s priorities are completely wrong and public transport passengers are suffering as a result.”