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Ramping up the pressure on Flinders ED

Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) will bear the brunt of the Weatherill Government’s plans to cut hospital services for the residents of southern Adelaide.

“Residents of southern Adelaide should expect more ambulance ramping and longer waiting times for treatment in FMC’s emergency department as a result of the closure of Noarlunga’s ED and the closure of the Repatriation General Hospital,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.


A third of the presentations at the Noarlunga ED are in the urgent category or above. Those 16,000 patients are now likely to be crowding into FMC’s already overstretched emergency department.


“The National Health Performance Authority already rates FMC’s Emergency Department as one of the worst performing in the nation and that’s before the impact of the closure of Noarlunga’s Emergency Department and the Repat.


“With the South undergoing sustained population growth the extended waiting times for treatment in Flinders’ ED will only get worse under the Weatherill Government’s plan.


“The people of the South will now be heavily reliant upon the FMC for hospital services and are entitled to all the facts, including the impact on services, jobs and the budget.


“The Health Minister needs to explain exactly how his plan to slash hospital services is going to deliver better health outcomes for the hundreds of thousands of people reliant on FMC.”


“Specifically, the Minister needs to release his modelling and his plans to upgrade Flinders Emergency Department.


“The Minister suggests that only 7% of Noarlunga’s emergency patients would now need to make their way to the Flinders Medical Centre but 36% of the presentations at the Noarlunga ED are in the urgent category or above.


“If the Weatherill Government is only equipping Flinders for a 7% increase in capacity, the Emergency Department will be overwhelmed. The people of the South need to know what the other 12,000 patients are supposed to do.


“Clearly, the Weatherill Labor Government’s plan is driven by saving money, not saving lives”.