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Rate capping forum

The Local Government Association is today holding a special forum to discuss the issue of rate capping.

The State Liberals have introduced legislation in Parliament to impose a cap on council rate rises and prevent unnecessary rate hikes.

The Local Government (Rate Increases) Amendment Bill 2016 will protect South Australians from unnecessary council rate hikes by allowing independent regulator ESCOSA to set the rate rise councils are allowed to apply based on the cost of services councils provide.

“As outlined in the State Liberals’ 2036 manifesto, we are committed to reducing cost of living pressures for South Australians,” said Shadow Minister for Local Government Steven Griffiths.

“Cost of living increases are placing enormous pressure on household budgets in South Australia, and increasing council rates are one of these cost pressures.

“In the last year alone, some councils have increased their rates by up to triple the rate of inflation. 

“We need to ensure that households and businesses are receiving value for money, and councils are delivering their services at the best possible price.

“A rate capping policy has been in place in New South Wales for several decades, and was introduced by the Victorian Labor Government in 2015.

“If the Weatherill Labor Government opposes this legislation, the State Liberals will introduce this policy if elected to Government in 2018.

“It is simply not fair to have council rates increasing out of proportion to increasing costs.”