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Rau must apologise for referring to community groups as “morons”

Attorney-General John Rau must immediately apologise for referring to community groups as ‘morons’ during Parliamentary debate yesterday. 

Mr Rau made the comments during a debate of new planning laws yesterday:

Mr Griffiths: The community groups that have contacted me are vehemently opposed to it…

The Hon J Rau: Because they don’t understand it.

Mr Griffiths: Well, no; they see it as a diminution of the rights that are currently provided to them.

The Hon J Rau: Because they’re morons.

“I have been contacted by many community groups and individual members of the public with concerns about reforms that will limit public consultation in relation to development proposals,” said Shadow Minister for Planning Steven Griffiths.

“Mr Rau’s flippant comments provide an honest insight into his opinions of community groups.

“Community groups play an important role in advocating on behalf of their local community on matters important to them.

“They deserve to be listened to and they deserve to be treated with respect.

“The arrogance displayed by Minister Rau to anyone who opposes aspects of the reform is breathtaking, and disappointing to say the least.

“Mr Rau must immediately apologise for his inappropriate comments in Parliament yesterday.”