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Regions to be hit hard by training cuts

Regional South Australian businesses have contacted the State Liberals expressing their concerns at the loss of job opportunities for young people living in regional South Australia as a result of the Weatherill Government’s funding cuts to private RTOs

Pringles AG and Crouch Rural, a medium sized agricultural machinery business, has written that the Weatherill Government’s decision will result in LESS employment and training of young people in the sector.


“I urge the Weatherill Government to listen to regional businesses, put these destructive plans on hold and begin a genuine negotiations as to how training is best delivered into regional South Australia,” said Shadow Minister for Small Business Dan van Holst Pellekaan.


“TAFE SA does a very good job in many areas but it cannot and will not successfully provide all the varied training needs of regional South Australia.


“It is significant that Pringles chose to place the training of their apprentice diesel mechanics with V Tech, a private provider, as a consequence of (Pringles) not being happy with the quality of (TAFE) training and the lack of organisation for many years.


“This is exactly why it is critical to have choice in the provision of vocational training in regional South Australia.


“By going to a private RTO Pringles apprentices were able to work on the equipment the business sells, it meant substantially less travelling times for apprentices going to training courses and the training times could be tailored to avoid peak periods of seeding and harvest.


“Add the fact that V Tech has an excellent understanding of and desire to improve training opportunities in regional areas and the benefits of having choice in training options are clear.


“Pringles letter also notes that V Tech wants to provide automotive training at the Cleve Area School and the changes will prevent this happening.


“This echoes the concerns expressed by Caroline Graham, Manager, Regional Skills Training who noted the changes are going to remove private providers from the delivery of training to the kids at school. And for us that means there’s going to be about 56 schools and students at those 56 schools that won’t be able to access the training (891ABC 2 June 2015) )  

“This means children in regional schools will be denied the opportunity of training in agriculture, horticulture and mechanics – critical skills for country South Australia.”