Repat health precinct to ease COVID-19 demand

24 Mar 2020
Repat health precinct to ease COVID-19 demand

The Repat will become the site of another healthcare facility dedicated to dealing with the impact of COVID-19 as part of the Marshall Government’s strong plan for dealing with the impact of the coronavirus.

Premier Steven Marshall said the government is taking swift and decisive action to deliver a strong plan to prepare South Australians for the impacts of coronavirus.

 “We are working around the clock to prepare our health system for the coming peak of the coronavirus to ensure South Australians have the best possible care,” said Premier Steven Marshall.

“My Government is taking a strong and planned approach to create additional capacity within the health system, and part of that includes 278 additional dedicated beds for South Australians during this outbreak.”

Preparations will soon begin to reactivate 90 beds at the Repat Health Precinct as part of the State Government’s decisive plan in preparing for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health Minister Stephen Wade said $6.5 million will be invested to revitalise former clinical wards at the Repat Health Precinct for the dedicated care of coronavirus patients.

“As early as April, 188 beds will be available at ECH College Grove and Wakefield Hospitals,” said Minister Wade.

“Work will also begin at the Repat to have 90 coronavirus dedicated beds ready in time for the winter demand.

“The Repat Health Precinct, ECH College Grove and Wakefield Hospitals will form part of COVID-19 response plan, allowing metropolitan hospitals to care for acute COVID-19 patients.

“Extensive planning was a critical part of minimising the serious health impact of COVID-19 and the Repat will help reduce the demand across the health system. 

“The Repat Health Precinct will be dedicated to caring for mildly acute COVID-19 patients in 90 beds.

“As part of our plan, we are using all possible health assets to provide a greater level of protection for the wider community by minimising the incidence of the transmission and prepare us for the long-haul fight against this virus.

“The Repat is being reactivated as a world-class precinct, but in the short term it will play an important role in caring for South Australians diagnosed with coronavirus.

“The Marshall Government is engaging with all elements of the health sector to ensure South Australians impacted by this unprecedented outbreak can receive the care they need in the right settings.”