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Revolt against Repat closure grows

More than 11,000 people have signed an online petition calling for the Weatherill Government to abandon its plan to close the iconic Repatriation General Hospital.

“The Weatherill Government will ignore the ground swell of community support for the continuation of hospital services at the Repat at its peril,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“Opposition to this breach of faith with the veterans’ community goes far beyond the returned service men and women and their families who currently use this iconic facility.


“Thousands of South Australian from all walks of life are grateful for the treatment they have received at the Repat and are appalled at the Weatherill Government’s plans to close it.


“Many people have noted how incredibly disrespectful it is for the Labor Government to close the Repatriation Hospital on the eve of the ANZAC centenary.


“The closure is also a breach of promises made time and again by the current Labor Government not to close the Repat.”


• Mike Rann:  “The Repat Hospital is here to stay. The Repat Hospital will never, ever be closed by a Labor Government.”


• John Hill: the suggestion was “ridiculous” and that “it’s not something that’s going to be done by the Government.”


• Jack Snelling: “SA Health is dedicated to maintaining the same high level of care that Veterans and the local community have come to expect from the R.G.H., both now and into the future.” 


“Having repeatedly promised to keep the Repat open its forced closure will be an act of astonishing political arrogance from the Weatherill Government,” said Mr Marshall.


“The closure of the Repat will also see Flinders Medical Centre overwhelmed by a flood of work currently being done at Repat and thousands of emergency patients from Noarlunga.


“Last year, 25 per cent of all orthopaedic and urological elective surgery performed in Adelaide was done at the Repat – Flinders did less than 3 per cent.”


“The Weatherill Government’s plans to close the Repat are driven by budget savings targets, not to provide a better health service for veterans.”