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Royalties For Regions

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will establish a Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund to provide a dedicated funding stream for our regions for the next 10 years.

The Problem

Almost one in four South Australians live in our regions.

Our regions contribute over $25 billion a year to our State Gross State Product and produce more than 50% of our merchandise exports.

Our regions need safe and efficient infrastructure, roads in particular, to support the contribution they make to our economy.

But under the city-centric Weatherill Government, our regions are being denied a fair share of government spending.

The Civil Contractors Federation estimates there is a $500 m backlog in road maintenance across the State.

Funding for maintenance and upgrade of regional roads and other infrastructure comes from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI). But during this financial year, DPTI is planning to spend only 8.4% of its capital budget in the regions.

Under Labor, there has been almost 16 years of underinvestment in our regional road networks and infrastructure.

Instead of undertaking more maintenance work on our regional roads to improve safety, the Government’s response has been to reduce speed limits. That may increase government revenue through fines, but does nothing to make our roads safer.

The most recent RAA survey of our roads showed that eight of South Australia’s ten most dangerous roads are in our regions, as our five our the 10 most dangerous intersections.

This is yet more evidence of the long Labor neglect of our regions.

The State Liberals' Plan

If elected in March 2018, a Marshall Liberal Government will establish a Regional Roads and Infrastructure Fund to provide a dedicated funding stream for our regions for the next 10 years.

Each year, 30% of the State Government’s revenue from mineral and petroleum royalties will be paid into the fund.

As most of the mining and petroleum production which generates this income occurs in regional areas, it is only fair that the regions get a reasonable share of this benefit.

Current projections show that up to $750 million would flow to the regions over the next decade from establishment of this fund.

The fund demonstrates the strong commitment a Marshall Liberal Government will have to the growth of our regions and to the need for upgrading road and other critical infrastructure.

The fund provides a dedicated funding source, and is one of a series of initiatives we will implement to support our regions.

This commitment establishes a dedicated state funding stream to fund ongoing maintenance and minor projects for regional roads and other infrastructure. We will continue to invest in new and substantially improved capital projects using this and other sources of funding, including leveraging federal funding, to deliver the greatest possible benefits and highest quality infrastructure for regional communities in South Australia.