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SA has lowest employment growth forecast in Australia over next 5 years

The Federal Department of Employment yesterday released its five year employment forecast which reveals that South Australia has the lowest employment growth forecast in Australia.

The Report predicts that South Australia will only add 53,800 jobs between November 2014 and November 2019.


This compares to New South Wales creating 358,800 jobs, Victoria creating 308,700 jobs and Queensland creating 243,600 jobs during the same period.


In percentage terms, SA’s estimated jobs growth of 6.7 per cent over 5 years is clearly the lowest of all states and territories.


“These figures are of great concern to current high school students and university students, who will be looking for a job in a few years’ time,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.


“It’s quite clear that they will have great difficulty in obtaining a job under the Weatherill Labor Government’s current economic policies and direction.


“We need job creation policies now, not in a few years like the Weatherill Labor Government is talking about.”


Yesterday Premier Weatherill said:


“…we’ve actually created since the baseline year I think we’ve still, I think we’ve created 1000-odd jobs in the mining industry but no doubt a lot of that will eaten up with the job losses we’re now seeing.” (891ABC, 11/08/15)


In fact, 5,300 mining jobs have been lost since November last year.

“It’s time for the Weatherill Labor Government to concede that whatever they have been doing for 13 long years just hasn’t worked,” said Mr Lucas.

“The Government’s refusal to admit that all its latest ‘jobs plans’ have not worked and that it is time for a complete of economic policy is a key part of the problem.”