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SA should join national medicinal cannabis trial

The State Liberals are urging the Weatherill Government to join the national research effort to better understand the evidence relating to the medicinal use of cannabis to relieve symptoms for a range of debilitating conditions.

“South Australia is the only Australian State not engaged in clinical trials being conducted in New South Wales to explore the medicinal use of cannabis,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“The tardiness of the Weatherill Government in joining this national effort to improve the lives of people suffering a range of severe afflictions is disappointing. 


“Australian Governments are looking at the use of medicinal cannabis – South Australia needs to be part of developing a focussed regime which supports improved health outcomes.


“The Weatherill Government should move immediately to have a South Australian observer appointed to the trial’s expert panel and have South Australian medical researchers engage with NSW to develop a plan for South Australians to participate in the trial.”


The NSW clinical trial is looking at the provision of medical cannabis to:

•           children with severe, drug-resistant epilepsy;

•           adults with terminal illness, focusing on improving quality of life, and symptoms such as pain,       nausea; and

•           adults with chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, where standard treatment is ineffective.


“South Australian medical researchers need to assess the best way that South Australia can enhance the trial and support South Australians suffering these conditions,” said Mr Marshall.


The NSW Government is leading the clinical trial with the support of the Commonwealth.  They meet national and international standards for clinical trials.

The outcomes of the trial will inform the Parliament’s consideration of any legislative change.