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Scrapping Labor’s dangerous renewables target

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has promised to abolish Labor’s dangerous plan to rapidly increase the volume of unreliable and intermittent renewable energy in South Australia.

The State Labor Government has a target of generating 50 per cent of South Australia’s electricity from renewables by 2025 without any plan for ensuring affordable prices and stable supply.

“My focus is delivering affordable and reliable electricity for all South Australians,” said Mr Marshall.

“I support a single national renewable energy target and, if elected in March 2018, will abolish Labor’s dangerous state target.

“A national target is a sensible way of transitioning towards renewable energy.

“Until there are viable storage options for intermittent renewable energy, South Australia must reject the Weatherill Labor Government’s dangerous target of 50 per cent.

“Extreme state based renewable energy targets are driving up power prices and causing supply

“Labor knew a state based target would drive up electricity prices but they implemented one anyway.”

In a 2003 letter to the Environment, Resources and Development Committee, former Labor Energy
Minister Pat Conlon identified the key problem with a state based target:

“To set a state based target may result in higher energy costs for South Australians compared
to other states and would therefore inhibit the competitiveness of South Australian

“Labor knew a state based renewable energy target would wreck the South Australian electricity network but they put their ideology before the needs of South Australians,” said Mr Marshall.

“The Weatherill Labor Government can no longer guarantee the lights will stay on in South Australia.

“The transition to renewable energy must occur without putting South Australians at a competitive disadvantage.

“It is no coincidence that we have the most expensive and least reliable electricity and also the
highest unemployment on the mainland.

“Labor’s failed renewable energy experiment in South Australia must be fixed and the only way to do
that is to elect a Liberal Government.”