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Six weeks of inertia since Nyland’s interim report

The Weatherill Government has totally failed South Australia’s most vulnerable children in the six weeks since Royal Commissioner Margaret Nyland released her interim recommendation calling on the State Government to create a new department for child protection.

When the report was released Premier Weatherill stated:

“Implementing this recommendation ahead of receiving the final report will allow us to have the agency better placed to deliver on the important reforms that will be required.” (Advertiser 21 June 2016)

“Six weeks later and with the Royal Commissioner due to deliver her final report on Friday child protection remains embedded in the Education Department,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“This abject failure to act proves the Weatherill Government is incapable of solving the crisis in child protection in this state. “The Weatherill Government lacks the will, the courage and the vision to reform South Australia’s deeply dysfunctional child protection system.

“Not only has the Premier failed to remove child protection from the Education Department but he still has two Ministers sharing responsibility for the Agency.

“Ministers Rau and Close spend most of their time looking to pass the buck for the profound dysfunction that has engulfed the protection of vulnerable children in South Australia.

“It is disgraceful that the Premier has failed to appoint a single Minister to implement the reforms Commissioner Nyland will recommend.”

Premier Weatherill also promised an injection of funding for child protection in the recent state budget.

Mr Weatherill reiterated that there would be more money in next month’s state Budget for child protection services but would not say how much. (Advertiser 21 June 2016)

“In fact the Weatherill Government’s 2016-17 budget actually cuts the amount of money it spends on protecting the most vulnerable children in our community,” Mr Marshall said.