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Snelling flying blind on nRAH merry-go round

Today the State Government has missed the date for technical completion of the nRAH for the third time.

“After years of spin, the Minister needs to get reliable information and be straight with South Australians,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“It is now clear that the nRAH will not open until 2017 with people asking will it be open before the winter of next year.

“Jack Snelling was meant to get the keys to the nRAH on January 19, then April 4 and then May 25. 

“Eight weeks ago, he said that he couldn’t rely on the third date of May 25 - he called for urgent, independent advice.”

Six weeks ago, he issued a major default notice to get a new date saying “we can’t continue on this silly merry go round”.

Last week, he admitted he is “flying blind as to when the hospital is going to be ready”.

Now as the latest milestone passes, there is no date at all for this critical milestone in the nRAH project. 

Technical completion is the start of an intense three month testing phase.

It marks when hospitals around the city will need to take patients from the RAH, in readiness for the move.

Right across our hospital network staff are trying to plan their lives and their Christmas/New Year break.

“The nRAH is $640 million over budget, more than 4 months behind schedule and unlikely to admit it first patient until next year,” said Mr Wade.

“Minister Snelling also needs to release the independent advice he sought in March this year regarding progress on the hospital.

“Minister Snelling has previously conceded that any delay beyond today would mean the State Government would be “cutting it very fine” to meet the revised opening date of November 30.

“Industry sources have informed the State Liberals that technical completion of the nRAH won’t be until August.”