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Snelling’s choice on Modbury Hospital incidents

The State Liberals are warning the Health Minister Jack Snelling that he faces a stark choice regarding the adverse impact of Transforming Health on Modbury Hospital patients : either establish an independent investigation or have the matter considered by a Parliamentary Committee.

“Senior clinicians have alleged that there are multiple cases where the outcomes of patients at Modbury Hospital have been compromised by Transforming Health and those allegations need to be thoroughly assessed,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“Unless Jack Snelling establishes an independent inquiry into the allegations by senior clinicians the matter will be considered by to the Transforming Health Select Committee.

“The tens of thousands of South Australians who rely on Modbury Hospital need the Health Minister to deal with these allegations in a decisive, transparent and professional manner.

“If the Minister is correct that there is no truth in the allegations then the Weatherill Government has nothing to fear from an independent inquiry.”

The Minister will also come under intense scrutiny in State Parliament today regarding his initial denial of one of the alleged incidents to Parliament on 27 June 2016:

Mr DULUK (Davenport) (14:53): My question is to the Minister for Health. Can the minister confirm that a person who initially presented at the Modbury Hospital emergency department was subject to a more radical surgical procedure at the Lyell McEwin Hospital than necessary due to the refusal of management to allow clinicians to undertake the necessary surgery at Modbury Hospital?

The Hon. J.J. SNELLING: Mr Speaker, I am aware of allegations that have been put in the public sphere and those allegations are incorrect.

“Minister Snelling will need to explain why he initially denied the veracity of the allegations,” said Mr Wade.

“Equally the Minister will need to explain why he now claims that Transforming Health is not responsible when senior clinicians assert it is central to the failings at Modbury Hospital.

“Nothing short of a full independent inquiry into this disturbing case and other associated incidents is acceptable and either the Minister establishes that inquiry or the Parliament will.”