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Snelling’s Freudian slip on Women’s and Children’s

Health Minister Jack Snelling’s refusal to commit co-locating a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital with the new Royal Adelaide hospital is a sure sign the Weatherill Government is planning to break its promise to build a new Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“Minister Snelling’s pledge to never ever close the Women’s and Children’s Hospital is exactly what the Labor Government promised about the Repat,” said Shadow Minister for Health Stephen Wade.

“The Weatherill Government is sinking into a quagmire of its own making and is desperately looking for escape options.

“More than three years ago Jay Weatherill promised a new $600 million Women’s and Children’s Hospital would be built within a decade.

“More than three years later there are no plans, no expressions of interest, no money in the forward estimates and no chance of the Weatherill Government delivering this election promise in the next seven years.

“The lack of action on the co-location suggests that Labor has been planning to abandon its promise for years.

“What other parts of the McKinsey budget cuts are just waiting for the right time?

“Labor went to last state election having promised to ‘never ever’ close the Repat.

“Labor went the last state election promising the upgrade Adelaide’s hospital network and is now planning to close three hospitals and downgrade Modbury, TQEH and Noarlunga emergency departments.

“Labor promised that the new Royal Adelaide Hospital would be open in April this year and we now know it won’t open until June next year at the earliest.

“Labor also claimed in March 2015 that the re-location of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital could be brought forward.

“The massive budget blow-out on the cost of nRAH is driving budget cuts throughout South Australia’s public health system.”