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So-called jobs budget promises fewer jobs

The Weatherill Labor Government has failed South Australia.

The Government has failed to provide a comprehensive jobs creation package in today’s underwhelming State Budget.


Under Premier Jay Weatherill’s leadership, South Australia is in the midst of a jobs crisis.


  • The economy has flat-lined.
  • Unemployment is the highest in the nation.
  • Labor has no plans for major new infrastructure projects.
  • South Australians are paying more and getting less.


“Today’s Budget is an overwhelming failure given South Australia’s current jobs crisis,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“There is absolutely no plan in this Budget for turning our flailing economy around.


“There is no comprehensive, state-wide job creation strategy in this Budget.


“In fact, Mr Weatherill’s “jobs” budget actually promises to create fewer jobs than last year’s Budget.


“Figures released today by the ABS revealed more than 5,000 mining jobs have disappeared from SA since the Weatherill Labor Government promised to create 5,000 new mining jobs.


“South Australia’s unemployment rate has jumped from 6.2 per cent to 7.6 per cent in the last year alone.


“The most critical Budget that Labor has delivered in its 13 year history is a complete and utter failure.”\

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