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South Australia’s losing unemployment streak

The release of today’s ABS April Labor Force Statistics mark 17 months in a row when South Australia has had the highest unemployment rate in the country (trend figures).

Not only do we have very high unemployment but there has been a sustained fall in full-time employment in South Australia with the loss of 6,700 full-time positions since April 2015 (seasonally adjusted).

Indeed there are currently fewer South Australians in full time employment than there were in April 2013.

“South Australia is becoming a part-time employment State,” said Shadow Minister for Employment Corey Wingard.

“This dangerous trend is reflected in the fact that the number of underemployed people in South Australia has now reached 91,000, a 25.1% increase compared with the corresponding period 12 months ago (original).

“The loss of full-time jobs and the rise of underemployment explain why hours worked have fallen by more than 2% in both trend and seasonally adjusted terms in the last 12 months.

“South Australia has tens of thousands of families desperately searching for jobs to help them make ends meet.

“The Weatherill Government’s failed electricity policies are set to make the situation even worse in the next few years.

“South Australia’s base load electricity prices are set to rise sharply in the next two years driving investment and jobs out of South Australia.

“Victoria, our principle competitor for manufacturing jobs, will pay just half the price for base load electricity during the next two years.

“By the third quarter of 2018, South Australia’s cost has jumped to $94.4 per megawatt hour – that’s 126 per cent higher than the Victorian price of $41.30 per megawatt hour.

“Businesses looking to invest in new job creating opportunities in Australia shun high cost jurisdictions and South Australia will have the most expensive base load power in the NEM.”