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Sports fans and scalpers after hottest tickets in town

Opportunists are taking advantage of the hottest tickets in town for tomorrow night’s New Year’s Eve Big Bash at Adelaide Oval with tickets being sold at massively over-inflated prices.

Despite a sell-out crowd, the Weatherill Government’s failure to declare the match a Major Event has left the door open for ticket scalpers who are free to charge whatever they like for tickets to the game.

“A quick look online brings up tickets being offered at 5 times their face value as scalpers swoop on cricket fans locked out of tomorrow’s game,” said Shadow Minister fro Recreation and Sport Tim Whetstone.

Shadow Minister for Recreation and Sport Tim Whetstone called on the State Government to start cracking down on ticket scalping in South Australia.

“There are scalpers actively buying chunks of tickets to our favourite sporting events and then on-selling them for large profits and outside the rarely used Major Events Act, there is no deterrent,” Mr Whetstone said.

“Other states have introduced state-wide ticket scalping penalties applied on all events to send a message to these opportunists that they are not welcome.

“Rogue ticket websites are taking advantage of the popularity of the Big Bash, boosting their website to the top of search engines and sponsoring themselves as reliable ticket agents through other social media platforms.

“People need to be extremely cautious when buying tickets to an event from a private seller as these tickets may not be genuine and may not arrive as promised.

“The Minister has conceded there are people out there selling tickets for hefty profits in South Australia but has refused to proactively provide deterrents and send a message to ticket scalpers.

“South Australia must have strict laws and penalties in place to ensure tickets to sporting events in South Australia are not being sold for more than 10 per cent of the face value of the ticket.”