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State Budget cuts school education staff

The State Liberals have called on the Minister for Education Susan Close to detail how many teachers and school support officers will lose their jobs as a consequence of plans to slash 308 jobs from the Education Department.

The State Budget shows that the Weatherill Government is budgeting to reduce the number of full time equivalent employees in school education from 19 796 in this year to 19 488 in the next financial year.


The budget papers also show that the number of South Australian government school students achieving the national minimum standard in reading, writing and numeracy declined in 2014.


Indeed South Australia students went backwards in 9 of the 12 categories.


“Too many struggling students in government schools aren’t receiving the support they need to achieve their full potential,” said Shadow Minister Education David Pisoni.


“Many parents are extremely concerned that their children are left to struggle in class with basic reading, writing and numeracy because of a lack a specialist support.


“South Australia needs a greater effort in improving reading, writing and numeracy outcomes.


“These job cuts come after a national survey showed not a single South Australian government primary school has been ranked in the top 100 schools in the nation based on NAPLAN results.


“Indeed only one South Australian government school made the top one hundred secondary schools - Glenunga International High. 


“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to embrace local school autonomy if South Australia is going to deliver a better education for students at our government schools.


“Equally we must begin planning immediately for the transition of year 7 into secondary schools.


“Education Minister Susan Close needs to admit a decade of policy inertia has seen South Australia’s public education system fall behind the rest of the nation.”