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State Budget must be about jobs

The State Liberals have called on the Weatherill Labor Government to use the upcoming State Budget to create jobs by providing tax relief to South Australian businesses.

“The Weatherill Labor Government needs to follow the Federal Government’s lead and provide tax relief for small and medium businesses,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.


“The State Budget provides the Weatherill Labor Government with an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to improving business conditions in South Australia, and this begins by lowering taxes for businesses. 


“South Australian businesses are struggling under the nation’s highest tax regime and urgently need tax relief.


“Recent ABS data revealed South Australia lost 14 businesses in 2013-14, while all other mainland states have had positive growth.


“Reducing the tax burden on South Australian businesses is particularly important at a time when our unemployment rate has hit 7.1 per cent.


“The Weatherill Labor Government’s latest Emergency Services Levy tax hike will do nothing to stimulate business investment in South Australia or improve the State’s burgeoning unemployment rate.


“South Australian businesses cannot have money ripped out their pockets by the Weatherill Labor Government time and time again.


“The Weatherill Government needs to understand that in order to create jobs in South Australia we need to lower taxes and reduce red tape to encourage business investment and economic growth – not increase taxes.”