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State of Unemployment

Yesterday’s ABS labour force figures show that the percentage of South Australians in the workforce has fallen to just 57.3 per cent, the lowest figure since January 2003.

“Having such a low and declining employment to population ratio is a further sign of the collapse of job opportunities in South Australia,” said Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni.

“The lack of jobs in South Australia is leading to an increasing number of people trapped on welfare and shrinking the state’s taxation base.

“Unless the vicious circle is broken South Australia will continue to fall further and further behind the rest of the country.

“In the last month South Australia lost another 8,400 jobs.

“Indeed South Australia (- 8,400) lost more jobs than the rest of the Australia (-5,100) during the month of September and this is before the recent job losses at Alinta and Santos are factored in.

“Unfortunately South Australia remains the State of Unemployment on both trend figures (8.00 per cent) and seasonally adjusted (7.7 per cent).

“It is also particularly worrying that the labour force participation rate in South Australia collapsed to 61.7 per cent in the month of September, down almost a full per cent in just one month.

“South Australia’s disastrous unemployment rate has seen people give up looking for work.

“There are now 3,230 fewer South Australians employed than at the time the Labor Government promised to create 100,000 new jobs.

“South Australia is stuck in an economic rut and the Weatherill Government is clueless as to how to lead us out of it.

“Introducing new land taxes on the family home – as outlined in the Government’s tax reform paper released yesterday – will also do nothing for business confidence in South Australia.

“To create jobs in South Australia we need to lower taxes and reduce red tape to encourage business investment and economic growth.”