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Stormwater system wallowing

The State Liberals have accused successive State Labor Governments of failing to fix Adelaide’s stormwater system at enormous costs to individual households and the wider community.

“Thursday night’s rain once again exposed a stormwater system that backs up at the first sign of a downpour, flooding homes and creating extremely dangerous conditions on our roads,” said Shadow Minister for Infrastructure David Pisoni.

“An efficient stormwater system would have been able to cope with Thursday’s rain.

“Indeed with more intense storms predicted to strike more frequently as a consequence of climate change and the Weatherill Government’s plans to increase urban density in Adelaide’s inner and middle ring suburbs it’s critical the stormwater system is drastically improved.

“Increasing the amount of hard surfaces concentrated in the ring of suburbs within 10 kilometres of Adelaide will put enormous pressure on those suburbs with older stormwater pipes.

It’s been more than a decade since the Rann Government promised to reduce the threat of flood by establishing the Stormwater Management Authority.

Then Infrastructure Minister Pat Conlon hailed an “historic agreement with the Local Government Association to fast track stormwater works around the state.”

Total revenue from South Australian Government to the Stormwater Management Authority between 2007-08 and 2014-15 amounts to $35,816,000 yet large parts of Adelaide still regularly flood during heavy rain.

“The real cost of Labor’s failure to upgrade Adelaide’s stormwater system is borne by those living in homes that are flooded,” said Mr Pisoni.

“Families are forced out of their homes for months at a time after flooding and in some cases it’s almost impossible to insure against the risk of flooding.

“On Thursday night motorists were forced to drive through bonnet deep water on major arterial roads increasing the risks of traffic accidents.

“It’s time the Weatherill Government honoured its decade old promise to reduce the threat of flooding in Adelaide by upgrading Adelaide’s stormwater system.”