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Tackling SA’s energy crisis

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has written to the newly appointed Federal Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg, seeking a meeting to discuss South Australia’s growing energy crisis.

This is the latest initiative in a multi-faceted approach the State Liberals will adopt to tackle rapidly increasing electricity prices.

“The Weatherill Government’s shocking incompetence in energy policy has delivered skyrocketing electricity prices that pose a deadly threat to industry and jobs in South Australia,” said Mr Marshall.

“The Weatherill Government’s kamikaze-like rush to establish wind farms has driven out cheap power producers and driven up the electricity price for all South Australians.

“With South Australia already suffering from the highest unemployment in the nation before the closure of Holden’s Elizabeth plant, we cannot afford even more job losses as a result of increasing electricity prices.

“I’ll be impressing on Minister Frydenburg the need for the Federal Government to turn its full attention to the issue to help unpick the problems the Weatherill Government has created for South Australia.

“There’s no doubt that resolving South Australia’s energy crisis is beyond the capabilities of the Weatherill Government.

“Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has variously claimed there is no problem, that the Federal Government is at fault or the privatisation of the electricity industry is to blame.

“None of Treasurer Koutsantonis’ wild assertions are correct and indicate the level of panic that has dawned as the consequences of displacing cheap base load power with wind power becomes apparent.

“It’s fortunate that Minister Frydenberg’s new portfolio incorporates responsibility for both the environment and energy.

“There’s no doubt that resolving South Australia’s energy crisis will require an interplay of the two policy areas at both a State and Federal level.”