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Tackling South Australia’s terrorism threat

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has today announced the first plank of the State Liberals’ Counter Terrorism Action Plan which will protect South Australians from terrorism.

A Marshall Liberal Government will prioritise protecting South Australians from terrorist outrages.

Under a Marshall Liberal Government SAPOL will be charged with the responsibility of auditing all major public spaces in Adelaide to improve the safety, protection and resilience of our public spaces when they are crowded for major events and, as necessary, make recommendations to improve security.

The State Liberals’ plan will be consistent with the guidelines and requirements set out in the Federal Government’s recently announced Australia’s Strategy for Protecting Crowded Places from Terrorism.

“It is our responsibility to ensure that South Australians and our way of life are afforded every protection from the threat of terrorism,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“South Australians have the right to go about their daily lives and enjoy sporting events, concerts and festivals knowing that measures are in place to protect them from despicable acts of terrorism.

“There are a number of public areas that thousands of South Australians converge on every day such as Rundle Mall, Adelaide Oval, Jetty Road in Glenelg, Henley Square, the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Hindmarsh soccer stadium.

“We will ensure all these venues and locations are audited and measures are put in place so we are as prepared as possible for a terrorist attack.

“The recent attacks in Paris, Manchester and obviously Barcelona less than two weeks ago have demonstrated how vulnerable cities can be to heinous acts of terrorism.

“Terrorists are becoming increasingly more desperate and brutal with their attacks, using vehicles to drive through crowds of people – we will reduce the probability of this happening in South Australia.

“It is primarily the responsibility of state government to prevent, prepare for and respond to terrorist attacks in their jurisdiction so that’s why it is absolutely crucial that South Australia has a comprehensive Counter Terrorism Action Plan.

“Currently the National Terrorism Threat level is ‘probable’ and South Australia is not immune from that threat.

“We want to act now and take preemptive steps to prevent a terrorist attack in South Australia and not wait to have this conversation until after a disaster.”