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No confidence in Weatherill Government

The State Liberals will today use State Parliament to launch a no confidence motion in the minority Weatherill Government as a result of its failure to provide affordable and reliable electricity in South Australia.

Jay Weatherill’s foolish rejection of a $25 million offer to keep the Northern Power Station open has led to repeated blackouts and increased electricity prices in South Australia.

“Jay Weatherill’s billion dollar bungle will cost every South Australian household $1000 in increased electricity prices and state taxes,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Every member of the House of Assembly in State Parliament will be required to indicate whether they support Jay Weatherill’s decision to shut down the Northern Power Station and drive up power prices

“South Australians’ electricity bills jumped 10 per cent after the closure of the Northern Power Station and Jay Weatherill’s $550 million patch-up job comes at a massive cost to every household.

“Jay Weatherill’s decision to close the Northern Power Station is the most economically damaging decision by a State Government since the collapse of the State Bank.

“South Australians will now be forced to pay $550 million for a gas fired station that will be on permanent standby, a 200 megawatt bank of diesel generators to keep the lights on until that station is operational and an investment fund in the construction of a battery that might be dead in five years.

“The $550 million that the Weatherill Government has been forced to throw at stabilising South Australia’s fragile electricity network would virtually pay for Labor’s long promised

$600 million Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

“It is a great deal more than the $360 million the Weatherill Government lifted from hard working South Australian families when it jacked-up the tax rate on the ESL.

“The economically illiterate Weatherill Government has repeatedly delivered the highest electricity prices and unemployment rate in the country.”