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The final outrage

State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall has described the latest revelations of children being abused whilst in state care as a disgraceful failure by the Weatherill Government to protect our most vulnerable children.

“It is time for new leadership in child protection in South Australia,” said Steven Marshall.

“Jay Weatherill designed and defended a child protection system that has utterly, totally failed to protect the very children it is established for.

“To discover that another predator from within the Department had been red-flagged and then went on to abuse innocent children is the final straw.

“Jay Weatherill, John Rau and Susan Close must collectively accept full responsibility for this appalling failure of the child protection system.

“Having two part-time Ministers for Child Protection lies at the heart of this latest scandal.”

When asked in Parliament if she had read the Hyde Review Minister Close replied:

The Hon. S.E. CLOSE ( Port Adelaide—Minister for Education and Child Development, Minister for Higher Education and Skills) (14:25): No, I haven't. The Hyde review predates my time as minister. (Hansard 28/9/16)

“Minister Close’s failure to read the Hyde Review is an abject dereliction of duty that renders her unfit for any role in child protection.

“John Rau as the Minister responsible for child protection reform stands equally condemned.

“It is time the Weatherill Government accepted responsibility for its ongoing, manifest failure to protect children in South Australia.

“It’s time the Premier stepped down and his incompetent Ministers joined him.”