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The Future of NRM in South Australia

We want your feedback on how best to reform our State’s Natural Resources Management (NRM) system if the Liberal Party is elected in March 2018.

In 2004 the State Labor Government introduced what became known as ‘integrated’ natural resource management (NRM), an approach which amalgamated the roles and responsibilities of 27 soil boards, 27 pest animal and plant boards and eight water catchment boards into eight separate NRM regions with their own board.

Labor claimed this new structure would lead to greater transparency, consultation, support for land managers and a balance between the ‘environmental, economic and social values’ of our natural resources.

Meanwhile, people continually tell us that the structure is bureaucratic and has disenfranchised many local communities and volunteer groups, while failing to maintain vital programs.

The Liberal Party has campaigned on these problems in and outside of parliament, being instrumental in trimming the powers of authorised officers, preventing the government from removing the right to remain silent and also advocating for greater transparency for ministerial decisions.

There is more to be done though and we are committed to ensuring that NRM strikes an appropriate balance between environmental preservation, productive land use and the empowerment of the communities closest to the land. To help us with this, we want to hear from you about whether this system is currently working for you and what you think the reform priorities should be.

If we win the next state election, we want to get to work on fixing this system from day one. Your feedback will help us do that.

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