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Tom the butcher takes knife to jobs training

In another blow to South Australians looking for work the State Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis has sliced $57 million from funding for skills and training programs in his self-proclaimed “jobs budget”.

Thursday’s State Budget shows that funding for skills and training will fall from $352 million in 2015-16 to 295 million in 2016-17.

This follows a reduction of $131 million in the 2015-16 budget meaning the Weatherill Government has slashed $188 million out of its jobs training budget in the last two years.

“With South Australia suffering the highest unemployment in the country and further job losses in the car industry looming it is inexcusable to be cutting jobs training funding,” said Shadow Minister for Skills and Training David Pisoni.

“The Weatherill Government’s brutal funding cuts to training will condemn thousands of young South Australians to a precarious existence in low paid, casual jobs.

“Our young people will need better training to have a real chance of success in a highly competitive jobs market.

“The Weatherill Government’s funding cuts are also reflected in the national figures released this week by the NCVER that confirm a massive 35% drop in South Australians in training since 2013.

“From 28, 600 apprentice and 23, 000 traineeship commencements in 2011-12 the figure plummeted in 2015 to around 10, 200 and 6,100 respectively.

“Since 2011-12 apprenticeship and traineeship commencements have effectively dropped by a whopping 64% and 75% respectively,

“While the Weatherill Government talks about the need for innovation and transition in our state’s economy they have actually drained the training and skills sector of funds.”