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Transport Minister must intervene in bus strike

The State Liberals are demanding the Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan rolls up his sleeves and intervenes in the looming industrial action by bus drivers.

“A bus strike during the Clipsal road closures would be chaotic and Minister Mullighan needs to step in to ensure Adelaide isn’t bought to a standstill by striking bus drivers,” said Shadow Minister for Transport David Pisoni.

“Forcing thousands of commuters travelling into the city to use their cars at the height of the Clipsal road closures is not acceptable.

“Light City Buses are operating a public transport service for which the Minister is responsible and his claims that he doesn’t have a seat at the negotiating table won’t wash with the public.

“Minister Mullighan needs to stop making excuses and get involved in the negotiations between the bus company and drivers to ensure there is a fair settlement for both parties and that the buses keep running.

“It seems that Minister Mullighan doesn’t understand the immense inconvenience many motorists face as a result of the Clipsal 500.

“Last year the State Liberals committed to forming a Festival Transport Plan to relieve traffic gridlock during major events if elected.

“Still nothing from the Weatherill Government, not even additional traffic police to ease congestion on the roads.

“During other major sporting events at Adelaide Oval, the City to Bay run or even the Christmas Pageant, drivers benefit from the calming influence and direction skills of traffic police.

“The use of traffic police in a more visible traffic direction role during Mad March would be a great benefit to motorists.