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Treasurer’s kiss of death jobs promise

The latest job losses at SANTOS has increased pressure on Mineral, Resources and Energy Tom Koutsantonis to justify his promise to create 5000 jobs in the mining sector by 2017.

Exactly 11 months ago Minister Koutsantonis promised the creation of 5000 new mining jobs by increasing production and encouraging more mining companies to relocate to South Australia.

Mr Koutsantonis said by 2017, South Australia will:

Increase the value of our mineral and energy resources production to $10 billion per annum (by 2017), creating an additional 5000 jobs. (News Release : Treasurer 13/11/2014)

“Does Mr Koutsantonis stand by his foolish promise to create 5000 jobs or does he now admit it needs to be dumped alongside the Weatherill Government’s promise to create 100,000 new South Australian jobs by 2016?” said Shadow Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy Dan van Holst Pellekaan.

“The latest employment figures show the loss of more than 5000 jobs in the mining sector in South Australia since the Treasurer made his foolish promise.

“The fact that Treasurer Koutsantonis decided to promise to create 5000 new jobs in the sector at the very moment it was shedding thousands of positions casts grave doubt over the Treasurer’s judgment.

“Is the Treasurer of South Australia so out of touch with the mining industry that he was unaware it was shedding thousands of jobs in the lead up to his promise to create 5000 new jobs?

“Another alarming aspect of this process is that it shows the Treasurer does not understand it is actually industry not government that creates jobs.

“South Australia is stuck in an economic rut and the Weatherill Government is clueless as to how to lead us out of it.

“Premier Weatherill and Minister Koutsantonis must explain how they intend to turn this trend around to meet their first objective of his Economic Priorities: Unlocking the full potential of South Australia’s resources, energy and renewable assets.

“Will the Economic Priorities report suffer the same fate of the Labor Government’s Economic Statement in 2013 promising to establish a future fund?”