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Unacceptable delay in Families SA investigation

“The Weatherill Government’s failure to conduct a timely investigation of Families SA employees identified in its internal audit is grossly unfair to the employees and the vulnerable children they look after,” said Steven Marshall.

“Working in child protection is stressful enough without the cloud of unresolved accusations hanging over so many colleagues.

“Once again it is vulnerable children who are the ultimate victims of this Labor Government’s casual attitude to child protection.”

On October 3, Minister Rankine revealed that an internal Families SA audit had identified 25 individuals that warranted immediate removal from the one on one care of children and a further 77 staff were identified as “high concern” and warranted further assessment.

One month later the expert panel established to further consider the suitability of the 102 employees has only just commenced its work.

“This delay in assessing the staff in question is completely and utterly unacceptable,” said Steven Marshall.

“Minister Rankine must now explain why it has taken over one month for the investigation to begin.

“Surely, this would be a matter of high priority for Minister Rankine and the Government.

“Families SA needs a Minister to lead the organisation from the front and that requires an open and honest dialogue based on the facts.

“This delay makes it clear that Families SA is seriously lacking in leadership and direction.

“Children at risk of abuse and neglect have been let down terribly by the performance of Families SA and this needs to change.

“The Weatherill Labor Government has made a mess of our child protection system.”