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Vale Malcolm Fraser

On behalf of the State Liberal Party I extend my condolences to the family of former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Malcolm Fraser was a man of principle, commitment and courage who changed Australia for the better during his term as Prime Minister.


“In particular Malcolm Fraser was instrumental in the successful settlement of tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugees who fled to Australia following the Vietnam War.


“Australia is a richer, more diverse and successful multicultural society as a consequence of the manner in which the Fraser Government handled post-Vietnam War immigration into Australia.


“Malcolm Fraser was also a leader in the recognition of Aboriginal rights in Australia and it was his Government that passed that the Aboriginal Land Rights Act in 1976 that returned a large portion of the Northern Territory to its traditional owners.


“Malcolm Fraser was a leader in advancing the environmental protection of the Great Barrier Reef declaring it a Marine Park in 1981.


“The Fraser Government’s decision to establish the SBS in 1978 also changed the face of broadcasting in Australia forever.

“He was a tireless campaigner on social justice issues and human rights whose legacy will be felt for generations.”