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Valuer General criticism of Gillman deal process

Evidence from the State’s Valuer General to a parliamentary committee was damning criticism of the Weatherill Government’s handling of the Gillman deal.

SA Valuer General Ms Delfina Lanzilli told the Gillman Select Committee she had never been asked by the Government or Revenue SA to value the Gillman land subject to the ACP purchase.


Ms Lanzilli highlighted that Section 17 of the Valuation of Land Act allowed a Minister to request a special valuation of land such as the Gillman deal but that ‘at no point did the Treasurer approach myself to undertake a special valuation.’


“It is impossible to understand why Mr Koutsantonis and Mr Weatherill would not ask the State’s most senior valuer to value the land before signing off on such a controversial deal which never went to open tender,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.


“Mr Koutsantonis and Mr Weatherill must now come clean and explain why they refused to ask for a valuation prior to agreeing to this deal.”


Ms Lanzilli’s views on the Gillman deal can be seen from her strong advice to get recent valuation advice before agreeing to any land deal:


“The only comment I can make is that any person who is subject to purchasing land, I would highly recommend them to be very prudent in making sure that they obtain all the valuation advice they possibly can before they enter into such a transaction.”


“Clearly Mr Koustantonis and Mr Weatherill didn’t follow this advice as they didn’t act prudently in having relevant and up to date valuation advice,” said Mr Lucas.


“In fact, the Auditor-General criticised the fact that a three-year-old valuation had been used by the Government.


“The simple conclusion is that the Government’s slack and shoddy process of handling the Gillman deal has cost taxpayers untold millions of dollars.”