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Weatherill delivers fewer opportunities

In another worrying sign for job seekers, South Australia has recorded the largest fall in the number of online job vacancies for the past 12 months in Australia.

According to the Federal Department of Employment - Internet Vacancy Index, the number of online job vacancies in SA plummeted by 18.4 per cent in trend terms over the past 12 months to August 2015.

The news was no better in seasonally adjusted figures, which dropped by 21 per cent during the same period.

Last week, ABS data revealed that there are now more people unemployed in SA than at any time in the last 20 years and South Australia’s unemployment rate has now trended up to its highest level since April 1995.

“South Australia is careering towards double digit unemployment and the Weatherill Labor Government is clueless as to how to turn the economy around and create new jobs,” said Shadow Employment Minister David Pisoni.

“This latest data confirms just how tough the South Australian job market is for job seekers at the moment.

“South Australia needs jobs creation now, not in a few years like the Weatherill Labor Government is talking about.

“It’s time for the Weatherill Labor Government to swallow its pride and start adopting the job creating measures proposed by the State Liberals.”

The State Liberals have proposed: 

  • Bringing forward planned Stamp Duty relief to take effect this year;

  • Committing to reducing Payroll Tax;

  • Slashing Emergency Services Levy bills by reversing the $90 million ESL hike announced in the 2014-15 State Budget;

  • Finalising an investigation regarding the Strzelecki Track upgrade; and,

Creating a state-based Productivity Commission.