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Weatherill gags Ministers in question time

Premier Jay Weatherill has taken the extraordinary step of gagging his Minister regarding their support for a high-level nuclear waste dump in South Australia during question time in State Parliament.

“Jay Weatherill’s refusal to allow his Ministers to record their views regarding his doomed nuclear waste dump is illustrative of just how desperate he is to cover-up the deep divisions in the Labor Party on this issue,” said Shadow Treasurer Rob Lucas.

“If the Premier had the unanimous support of his Cabinet there would have been no need for him to gag them during Parliamentary question.

“Rather than let Ministers Mullighan, Close, Bignell and Brock put their views on the Parliamentary record Jay Weatherill jumped up to claim there is unanimous support for his position.

“Clearly there isn’t and one only has to look at the comments SA unionists have made about the Premier’s divisive plan to import high-level nuclear waste to judge the level of opposition in the Labor Party.

“Some Labor MPs in the corridors of Parliament House are openly questioning the Premier’s judgment and actions on this issue.

SA Unions secretary Joe Szakacs has described Jay Weartherill as tone deaf and urged him to drop his pet project before it hurt Labor at the 2018 State election.

Mr Szakacs notes ‘the economics of the proposal just don’t add up.’

“The Premier couldn’t take the risk of having his Ministers express their opposition to his shambolic plan to force a high-level nuclear waste dump on South Australia – that would signal the end of this Premiership.

“It is also telling that Premier Weatherill refused to reveal if he had sought the support of the Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten regarding the nuclear dump proposal.

“Without the support of the federal Labor Party Jay Weatherill’s nuclear dump dreams are dead yet apparently the Premier hasn’t bothered to find out whether that support exists.”